Friday, 27 April 2018


Things change A LOT

So much had changed since I was pregnant with Issy and Doo's from how I had my pregnancy confirmed you self refer yourself straight to the midwife now, how I can be seen in EPU with Doo's I'd just ring ahead and turn up but not anymore, right down to what things were allowed.
I'd never heard of laying on a certain side while pregnant, I was told off for crossing my legs when pregnant with Doo's but never with Issy.
I was never advised against certain things such as cot bumpers with both girls and they both had them but by the time I was due to have L there was talk of them not being allowed EVERYWHERE.
It was 10 and 6 years ago but a lot of what was okay to do with them as babies was no longer allowed or advised. 

NO pregnancy REALLY is the same

Although L was the smaller of the three girls I really felt pregnant this time round, with the older two girls I pretty much sailed through no undisturbed sleep, not much of a waddle and not many 'typical' pregnancy complaints.
(I hear you pregnant mummas 'oh f*ck off') 
With L I woke each time I rolled over to assist my bump over too even tho it was a smaller bump to my previous bumps, Certain movements she made were painful and made me walk funny or left me uncomfortable willing her to move or for it to be time to have her now. Both girls were late so it was clear L would be late too right?
Oh no, she surprised us a week EARLY! 

It's perfectly fine not to 'enjoy' every single second

It's taken three children for me to admit not every day is sunshine and rainbows, From pregnancy right up to pre-teens, I actually cried because I felt so bad for not enjoying certain moments of my pregnancy with L, It's perfectly okay to take yourself away just for a breather, to mutter f*ck sake when you hear your name for what feels like the 1,000 time when you've just sat down for the same request you've answered, to long for bedtime already and basically admitting its been a s*itter of a day and the kids have been testing from the moment they woke up.
Before I wouldn't dare mutter or admit I hadn't quite enjoyed that day so much because I'd be riddled with guilt for thinking such a thing

Not everything will be as you imagined it 

I've pictured my little family unit, my home and myself as a mum in many many ways and at times every single one seems so far from what I imagined.
The girls room doesn't stay tidy and the perfect children's bedroom for any longer than 5 minutes when I've let them loose in it, I'm not sure it's ever been the perfect little room I imagined.
I'm a mother of three girls and there isn't no Disney loving, no princess theme, no sickening amount of pink anywhere, no perfect little tidy bedrooms, barbies and dolls spilling out of every toy box YET!
L could well be my stereotypical girl.
I imagined L perfectly dressed in bloomers and knee high socks looking picture perfect at all times, lets all have a giggle together.
I'm not full of energy and crafting every weekend like I imagined and hoped, The girls hair isn't perfectly plaited because I STILL can't get the hang of a french plait, we don't run to the park with picnic in tow every time the sun shows it's face, we don't have a strict routine, my daughters don't take part in every after school club going and my house isn't  the clutter free minimal Insta perfect house I'd love it to be but do you know what that's okay! 

Me time is vital

It's taken my third baby to realise looking after myself is just as important as looking after them, Having my nails or hair done does not make me selfish, the girls don't need anything and I don't drink or smoke so is having my nails done such a bad thing?
I always had my nails done before but I often let them grow out until they started snapping off because I felt so guilty at spending £15 on myself for an infill, Andy often marched me there or gave me the money and forced me to go and have them done.
Booking to see WICKED after years of wanting to go? Go right ahead mumma you deserve it!

To just be is very much needed to help function as best as I can as a mum and it's nothing to feel guilty about, the girls will do just fine for a couple of hours without me while I'm me and not just mum.

It's only now that I've considered and am fully set on making happen a weekend away for mine and Andy's 10 years together next year because that's something to celebrate!
I would never have entertained the idea a couple of years ago and I wouldn't even pretend to consider it BUT it was actually my idea and I'm really looking forward to it.
It's a weekend, I'm coming back and I'm pretty sure all three girls will be quite happy to be shot of my face for a little while.

Sunday, 1 April 2018


I wasn't aware Easter bags/baskets or Christmas eve ones for that matter were a thing, Until I joined the blogging world a couple of years ago and I just loved the idea,
Some people are all for them others aren't to keen.
I'm on team keen and it's since become a tradition in our house to have one for Easter, Halloween and Christmas, this year I wasn't actually going to put one together until Doo's asked if they'd be getting a bag/basket this year, shes become pretty fond of waking up to one and how could I disappoint? it helped my itchy palms too! 
I'm a sucker for some tat! because if we're honest these bags tend to be full of things you only throw away in months to come or you kick it around the house because it doesn't quite have a place.
Although I plan on getting a storage box for Easter related items for things that can be whipped out year after year and any Easter bargains I manage to grab for future baskets.
Nothing in the girls bags cost me anymore than £2, £3 at the absolute maximum. 
 I hunt for bag fillers in the god send that is Poundland, Homebargains, B&M and Poundworld each one has great little fillings such as activity books, teddys, skipping ropes, colour changing cuties, head boppers/bands, Novelty pens etc.

This year I had an extra little bag to make up for little L, She's only 8 months this Easter so won't really understand to much about whats going on and definitely won't be needing much chocolate but I couldn't leave her out and TheWorks, Poundworld and Poundland made that pretty easy to do so!
Some items I grabbed have the usual 0-3 with the sad face on but are all things I plan to entertain her with myself like the collapsing bunny and if she does get her hands on it, it will be under very close supervision. 
L loves a book and each of the books I grabbed are perfect one with a little finger puppet and one 'lift the flap' book with different kinds of animals that come from eggs.