Thursday, 10 May 2018


There's nothing I love more than a good book, Each of my girls have their own book collections so when we had the chance to share our thoughts on Benjy Bunn's Busy Day, I grabbed the chance with both hands.
Benjy Bunn's busy day is part of the Benjy Bunn series, he's been on many other adventures such as going to the shops and even the fun fair, The Benjy Bunn series is the perfect collection for new little readers with a large clear font and full of colour to keep younger ones focused. 

The first of Benjy Bunn's adventures was written by Bev Scott Prior back in 1973!  
written for her children, One story became two and Benjy Bunn's been on a number of adventures.
Benjy Bunn has since been illustrated by Bev's grandchildren and it continues to grow and be loved by her great grand-children and many other young readers.

With the school run over, girls in their jammies and dinner had, I grabbed my chance to see what Doo's thoughts were on our new book. 
I let her read Benjy Bunn's busy day as part of her school reading, Doo's had a little giggle at what Benjy had got up to on his busy day and loved his little friend that joined him on each thing he got up to and noticed when he was missing panicking he may have got himself into some trouble, she was relived to see his return on the next page. She struggled with a few words but not very many compared to some other books, over all she enjoyed the book for it's silliness and loved Benjy's creativity with things. 

With L only being 9 months she can't quite tell me what she thinks but as soon as I sat down with the post and opened our delivery of Benjy Bunn's busy day, She grabbed at it straight away and was mesmerised by the bright colours, cooing away happily at the pictures in the book, I had to wrestle it off her and bribe her with another book before she would let me have it in case she ripped any pages.

Doo's overall thoughts 
aged 6

3 words to describe Benjy Bunn's busy day 
GOOD, Funny, Silly.

Favourite part 
When he was making a cake for his mama.

Would you like to read anymore of Benjy Bunn's adventures?

How many stars would you give Benjy Bunn's busy day?
5 Stars because it's really funny!

* We were sent a copy of Benjy Bunn's Busy Day in return for an honest review