Saturday, 8 September 2018


Well that's that, Another six weeks summer holiday down!
Six solid weeks of keeping your little cherubs busy while trying to keep costs down as much as possible because bills still need paying and the food shop almost doubles having the kids home. 
There's a few companies that lend a helping hand in making the holidays fun, getting the children out of the house all while not breaking the bank to much, Here's a few of the things we've got up to this and past school holidays.

Pets at Home - My Pet Pals Workshops

Pets at home hold daily workshops for children to get up close to some of their little furies while learning how best to care for them, Once each child has had a snuggle of some of the pets they get taken on a tour of the shop getting a look at all the other animals up for adoption and for sale. Each child also receives a little workbook and a poster once the workshops over.
It's perfect for getting them out the house for half an hour especially if like me you don't have any small furies at home.

ODEON - Bargain Mondays

On Mondays tickets cost £7.50 for both adults and children, This offer runs through out the year not just the school holidays! Perfect for an after school treat.
 Once you've got your tickets and your in they even have a great deal on snacks, Odeon offer a Family Mix which gets you a Regular popcorn, Two regular drinks and 2 Kids mixes which include popcorn, a choice of sweets and a drink all for £10.99!  

Hobbycraft - Craft Workshops 

Hobbycraft hold a number of different craft workshops through out the year for a small fee which ranges dependant on what it is you will be doing, The girls got to make and bring home their own jar of slime for £2 each.

Local Fun days

Though out the summer holidays our local parks and family friendly pubs hold family fun days. Where a number of local businesses come together and get involved. Some things within the events  involve a small cost if you wish to have food from the BBQ, face painting etc.
We got to hold a selection of reptiles at our local park for a small fee of £2 per child, We even had huge sticks of candyfloss in a range of amazing flavours. 

Nature Trails

Sadly we never made it to any of the nature trails this holiday but there were loads going on near by, These were either free or included a small fee to take part. Alot were held at local castles or country parks so you could take a picnic and make a day of it once the trail was over.

A lot of local events I came across on Facebook after clicking interested events of similar kinds nearby popped up almost daily.
 Making small work of finding things to do this summer