Sunday, 7 October 2018


Friends Fest is a MUST event for any friends fan! 
Last year was the first ever Friends Fest and if I remember rightly it was supposed to be a one off because I sulked like a toddler in a sweet isle that's just been told no because tickets were snapped up within minutes and I wasn't one of the ticker owners. 
I got over it but pined over the photos going up all over social media, So as soon as I saw it was back this year and tickets were live I sulked some more because I had done the sensible thing the day before and paid some bills (f*ck you adulthood) 
After some more sulking I realised I did have enough for two tickets and managed to snap them up for the day of my birthday GET IN! *Strong arm emoji*
I'd be getting to sit on the set of not only Monica, Joey and Chandler's apartments but new and exclusive to this year Ross' too!

 Not only do you get a tour of the apartment sets, You get the chance to recreate the opening credits AND the famous 'PIVOT' scene, Sit in Phoebes taxi, Photo oppurtunites in Ross and Rachael's chapel of love and the 80's high school prom photo area, Grab a coffee in Central Perk, Have a slice of the Joey Special, drink character cocktails I went for 'seven' which was interesting. There was also the chance to take part in a quiz for your chance to win some goodies. 
Lets not forget the gift shop!
BUT make sure you have your bank card handy, you'll find some fairly good priced bits and some good deals but it isn't until you get to the till that you'll find a sign saying it's card only.

Other than the guided tours you book a time slot while booking your tickets everything else is open for you to return to as much as you like and for as long as you wish to, You can sit and watch some of the best bits on a huge screen.
We had really good weather on the day we went, so good that you had to get yourself one of the really good seats to actually be able to see the screen through the sun and shadows of the metal frame work of the stage and with it being so warm that day we would have been guaranteed to burn with it being out in the open.