Saturday, 2 February 2019


Growing up I was a big Wizard of Oz fan, I watched it so many times I drove my mum to completely despise it.
It goes without saying that I'd want to go and watch Wicked the musical although I'm not a great lover of musicals now days, It was as if this would be a final chapter to my childhood,
I'd wanted to go for years and promised myself I would so I finally bit the bullet asked my friend if she would mind looking after the girls for me and booked myself tickets for my 27th birthday last year.

I booked directly with The Apollo theatre and was pleasantly surprised by the ticket prices, the main reason I held back on booking tickets for so long was because needing to book 2 tickets was sure to end up pricey and not something I could just decide to do randomly.
I was surprised at two tickets only costing £52 with booking fee, I did find ticket prices varied with which day of the week you go we could have had central tickets for the price of our dress circle ones if we went in the week. That being said although our seats weren't the greatest it was all about being there for me and we still got to see the show perfectly minus some fidgety head bobbing in front of us but even that was minimal. 

While waiting for the show to start I was sure it had been hyped up so much and being such a Wizard of Oz fan it wouldn't live up to my expectations and I'd be disappointed, Would it actually follow the stories of the witches of Oz? Would I get any answers to their back grounds? Would it trail off onto its own thing entirely? 
Oh how wrong was I!
I loved every minute and cried twice to the point I was actually sobbing much to Andy's amusement.
It was so much better than I'd expected it to be, covering stories of characters I didn't think could be linked into the story line as well as they did,  I got all the answers I needed and more.
 From the minute I left I was set on going again with a friend and again to take my daughters with possibly closer seats so I could see the detail of the make-up slightly better.


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